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Australia’s best private investigators. Providing investigation, surveillance, process serving and debt recovery. Trusted by professionals and private clients alike, we look forward to working with you. 


A team across Australia.

Our Areas of Service


Process serving

We serve all types of court papers for every legal jurisdiction, right across Australia. We provide affidavits where required, and our pricing is in-line with the appropriate court scale of costs. We provide generous discounts for bulk files and ongoing clients. We serve the CBD, suburbs and rural areas without limitation. 


There is an enormous amount of information that can be obtained by simply following someone. Our agents can provide photographs, video footage, affidavits and reports regarding the person surveilled. We conduct ourselves within the laws of each state and territory, on every single file. 


Our team of licensed private investigators are experienced and professional, with a passion to find the results you require. Whether you need somebody located for personal or legal reasons; information found; background checks conducted; or assets and property identified; we are your “go to” team.

debt collection

Collecting debts is at the core of what we provide to small, medium and large businesses. We also work with individuals and law firms. We have a firm yet professional approach, giving the best chance of recovery. We conduct lockouts of tenants leased premises where contracts have been breached, and also regularly repossess vehicles/assets where legally entitled to do so.


Keep up with the latest in technology, investigation, surveillance and more with our blog and podcast. From curious case studies to the newest in surveillance equipment…you’re going to love exploring the world of investigation. We’d love to hear from you with comments, questions or topics you’d like us to cover!



What We Do Best


Skip tracing
Background checks
Information & Evidence recovery

Process Serving

Skip tracing
Affidavit preparation and swearing


Cheating & affair identification
Background checks
Lie detection 

debt collection

Debt negotiation
Asset identification
Debtor skip tracing

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Licensed Australia wide.

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Down Under Investigations

Corporate One, 84 Hotham Street, Preston VIC 3072

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