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Process Serving

With well over thirty years experience

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Process Serving

We serve all types of court papers for every legal jurisdiction across Australia.

We have local agents in the cities, suburbs and rural areas where you need documents served.

Our staff and agents are also highly experienced when it comes to serving an evasive or elusive individual.

Our process servers are able to conduct skip trace searches and techniques, enabling a streamlined fast and efficient service.

We provide affidavits of service and reports where required, and our pricing is in-line with the appropriate court scale of costs.

We are pleased to provide generous discounts for bulk files, law firms and regular clients.

Process Serving

Service Include


Process serving


Skip tracing


Affidavit preparation and swearing



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down under investigations

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Licensed Australia wide.

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Down Under Investigations

Corporate One, 84 Hotham Street, Preston VIC 3072

1300 849 007

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