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Our team of licensed agents are experienced in conducting surveillance and getting the results you require.

There is an enormous amount of information that can be obtained by simply following someone.

Our agents conduct surveillance for a wide variety of reasons.

These include to uncover the infidelity of a spouse, to record the actions of a parent who has temporary care of a child, to collect evidence of an employees theft from a business, and many other scenarios where true actions and behaviour needs sighting and recording.

Our agents can provide photographs, video footage, affidavits and reports regarding the person surveilled.

We conduct ourselves with integrity, discretion and professionalism whilst adhering to the laws of each state and territory, on every single file.


Service Include




Cheating & affair identification


Background checks


Lie detection

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down under investigations

corporate one, 84 Hotham Street, preston vic 3072

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Licensed Australia wide.

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Down Under Investigations

Corporate One, 84 Hotham Street, Preston VIC 3072

1300 849 007

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