Great question! Why hire a Process Server?

In Australia, a law firm or individual representing themselves in court should always hire a process server to assist with service of documents and other legal proceedings to their intended recipients.

Here are four reasons why.

1- To make sure a matter proceeds through the courts in a timely manner, using a process server to effect service ensures that the recipients are made aware of all the details of the legal process.

2- The process server will have the necessary skills to effectively serve the documents. They would be familiar with the various laws and regulations in Australia and the ways that are allowed by courts. This helps minimize the risk that a service of process will be deemed invalid.

3- Apart from serving the documents, a process server is also capable of providing other evidence, which is vital in court proceedings. These include an affidavit or a certificate, which shows that the recipient was served with the legal papers. This type of evidence can help in moving the case forward and in holding the served individuals accountable for the matter.

4- A process server can help prevent potential conflicts between the recipients and the individuals on who’s behalf they are serving the documents. This is very important as it can help minimize the risk of violence and ensure the safety and well-being of all involved.

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