One great question we are often asked is “Why do you locate missing people?”

There are many reasons we are contacted to find a person. Here are a few of the more common circumstances.

1. Missing persons cases. 

Often family and friends of a missing person as classified by Police, engage our services. If a family member or friend does go missing, the first point of call is your local police.

In missing persons cases, over 95% of missing persons are located by Police within 48 hours.

Some reasons these people go missing are:

  • Mental illness

  • Miscommunication

  • Misadventure

  • Domestic Violence

  • Being a Victim of Crime

To be clear, we are NOT Police. Your first report needs to go to Police, each and every time. However, we can and do assist in cases of the less than 5% who are classed as long term missing persons.

We regularly assist friends and family of a missing person who feel they need fresh eyes and ears to join the search.

We prefer to work with Police, however we often have different methods and avenues of enquiry. There’s no point “barking up the same tree” in terms of locating a person, but guaranteed we have alternative ways available to us to find missing persons.

We have achieved great success on many occasions when assisting with these missing persons cases.

2. Court cases. 

Often a defendant/debtor/witness goes missing, either deliberately, or because insufficient information has been obtained.

This is one of our specialities.

We regularly work with lawyers and law firms to locate and serve evasive or missing defendants.

Through the years, we’ve seen many defendants attempt to run and hide, but our message to these defendants is “we will find you, we will serve you, and you will be brought before the court”.

Lawyers love our services because we are highly successful, and our costs for lawyers are kept to a bare minimum. Operating Australia-wide means we have more agents on the ground in local areas to find and serve defendants quickly.

3. Reunion. 

One reason we are contacted is a client may want to be reunited with someone. These reunion locates come in many forms, the most common being an adopted (now adult) child wants to find their natural parent. Alternatively, a parent may want to locate and reach out to a natural child.

We have located family members who have deliberately lost contact, whether it be over a disagreement or misunderstanding. Time goes by and one member of the family want to reconcile, that’s where we can come in and assist.

We’ve achieved great result for many high school or club reunions, where old mates and associates have moved and lost contact, but want to organise a gathering, years later.

Other reunion locate occasions we assist with are the “high school sweetheart” scenario where an ex partner wishes to make contact. They endeavour to see if, years later, they can rekindle some romance and share some memories.

4. Deceased estate. 

When a deceased person has left a will, the executor of the estate (property, finances, belongings) needs to manage many of the deceased persons responsibilities.

One important role is to determine what is to be passed on to those listed on the will (the beneficiaries). A will often does not contain current contact details for the beneficiaries, and that’s where we come in.

We assist an executor of a will to locate the rightful beneficiaries.

Is there someone you need located?

We would love to assist. Our quotes are free of charge and our services are not as expensive as you may think. Make sure you get in contact via either our website or social media pages.