We have a proud record of providing services for some law firms for over 20 years. We confidently know that our team are second to none. Whilst there are laws and rules that govern our work, we believe there should be high standards for Process Servers & Private Investigators set by each individual and company.

It’s a regular occurrence that law firms contact us after having issues with a previous provider. The reasons are many and varied. 

So what should a law firm or business expect from their Process Servers & Private Investigators?

1- Honesty & Integrity

One core quality we aim for on every file is to always tell the truth. Our industry doesn’t need liars and cheats. Clients can be confident that we will always act with integrity and speak with honesty. When updating clients on files, we will always be truthful about process and outcomes. To mislead a client or colleague, even on a small detail, creates mistrust. We appreciate the trust our clients and colleagues place in us, and we would never want to damage that. Trust is built over years and years, yet can be destroyed in a moment. 

By conducting each matter with honesty and integrity we know that trust remains intact.

2- Results

Most files, whether skip tracing or process serving are quite straightforward, however there are others that are complex and difficult. Our core quality of obtaining results has been achieved through decades in the industry, learning and developing our skills and techniques. 

We’ve found some new clients will come to us with matters that have been at a standstill for months and years, simply because a previous supplier has been unable to skip trace or serve an evasive defendant. 

Through our knowledge, perseverance and experience, we’ve often been able to very quickly locate and serve these matters, which has allowed the matter to progress to a resolution. 

We are committed to doing whatever it takes to get results. Treating each matter as if it’s our own is what drives us to achieve. 

3- Professionalism

Our industry demands the highest level of excellence. 

When acting on behalf of a law firm, business owner or individual client, we cannot afford to be slack or sloppy. 

Through action and communication at a high level, preference and emotion have no place. 

We treat every file and every matter with the same high level of attention and care. 

Whether skip tracing from our private offices, giving evidence in court, repossessing vehicles, collecting debts or serving documents across Australia, the awareness that we represent another’s personal or business interests motivates us to act in a professional manner. 


Being upfront about costs and our pricing means a client can always make the decision as to whether we add value to their law firm or business. 

We have never had a client complaint about pricing or being overcharged. 

Our pricing is set to be competitive yet through going above and beyond to get results, value is achieved. Offering extended payment terms can allow law firms to recover costs before paying for our services on many occasions. 

A business thrives through honesty & integrity, results, professionalism and value. We believe these four pillars of our business has led to success for decades and will keep us at the top of our industry for many years to come. 

Down Under Investigations operate Australia-wide, with a network of agents to ensure your matter is handled professionally, quickly and at a very reasonable rate. Please contact us for more information.