Have you found yourself in a situation where you are certain someone is lying to you or they are being deceptive? Whether it’s in a relationship, business situation or in every day life, the average person tells four lies per day. Want to learn How To Spot A Liar?

If you’ve ever seen an interview with a top investigator or detective, or an examination in court by a Barrister or Lawyer, you will notice they ask comfortable, easy questions first. They ask questions to relax the target and to set a gauge on when the target is being honest and truthful. They watch for how a target appears, behaves and speaks when answering simple, straightforward questions, before bringing in questions where they expect the target may lie. When sensing a change in appearance, behavior or speech, it becomes quite obvious the target may be lying or misleading.

So how do you become a better lie detector? Here’s our top seven signs to look out for.

1- Body Language. Body language can tell you a lot about someone’s honesty. For example, if a person is lying, they may hide their hands, or  have a tendency to make their bodies appear smaller in order to avoid being noticed. They may be fidgety or exhibit a nervous movement, even before a question has been asked.

2- Facial Expressions. When people are in the middle of a lie, their facial expressions can tell you a lot about their intentions. Some people will blush while they are lying, which is an indication that they are anxious. They may also having a hard time breathing, so look for hints of a flushed face. Also, see that their face expressions line up with what they are actually saying.

3- Voice. When speaking, speed and tone can also tell you a lot about a person’s truthfulness. For instance, if a person is lying, their speech may change and they may start talking with a lower tone or even speak more slowly. This is because their brain is working in an accelerated manner.

4- Hiding facial features. If a person is lying, their eyes or mouth may be closed completely or they may cover their mouth with their hands. This is because they are naturally trying to hide their intentions.

5- Speaking in the third person. People who are lying avoid using the words “I” or “me” when talking about themselves. Instead, they will often refer to themselves in third person by saying things like “they” or “this person.” This is how they distance themselves from the lie. Listen to changes in how they refer to themselves during a conversation.

6- Timing of an answer. When you ask a person a simple question, such as “What did you do this weekend?”, they usually have to think about it for a moment and then respond. However, when they are lying, they are more likely to have practiced their responses so that they have all the answers, ready to go. If they don’t even think for a split second before answering, it may be they have rehearsed the lie very well.

7- Using phrases to convince you. People immediately expect that you will believe them if they are honest. However, if they use phrases such as “To be perfectly honest” or “I swear I’m telling the truth,” that could indicate that they are lying. An honest person doesn’t feel a need to convince you when they are telling the truth.

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