Family Law and Private Investigation

Services of a Private Investigator are often sought by one or both parties involved in a family law dispute. Matters of divorce and child custody battles can be very emotional and complex for all parties. In Australia, Private Investigators play a vital role in supporting a party in a case involving family law. Law Firms or individual parties frequently utilize the services offered in order to put them in the best position, armed with knowledge.

We are regularly instructed to assist in family law matters, such as property settlements, custody battles, and parenting arrangements. We often investigate and gather information that can be used to support mediation or court proceedings.

Child Custody

A private investigator can typically assist in supporting one party’s claim that it is the primary caregiver for the child. This can involve carrying out surveillance to gather evidence about the other parent and their lifestyle.

Private investigators may also be asked to help with the concerns about the child’s welfare. We carry out background checks on the individuals who may be associated with the child’s care. This is to make sure that they don’t pose a risk or expose the child to offensive, criminal, abusive or damaging behavior.

Financial settlements

In other cases, private investigators can also help with the concerns about the financial situation of a party. We can carry out investigations to find hidden assets, which could affect the child support or property settlement arrangements.

Skip Tracing and Process Serving

Locating a missing ex-spouse and serving of legal documents is often carried out by Private Investigators in family law proceedings. This keeps other family members or friends out of the way, ensuring a third party is involved. 

It is always important that the chosen private investigators are well-versed in Australian regulations and laws. They should also be capable of delivering concise and clear reports, which can be used during mediation or court proceedings. A private investigator should always operate in a lawful manner and follow proper ethical guidelines when conducting their investigations.

In Australia, it is also important to choose a private investigator who is experienced and has the necessary skills to support a case. He or she should be able to provide the necessary evidence to help a party in its dispute.

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