Having a dedicated private investigator on your team can help you get the best possible outcome for your clients. We believe that having a go-to private investigator on your side gives you an advantage over your competition. If you are a lawyer, partner or practice manager, maybe you should consider Does your Law Firm need a Private Investigator?

The lack of accurate or limited information from a client can make it hard for a lawyer to carry out their duties. This can be caused by a client’s forgetfulness or carelessness. For instance, some clients might mistakenly provide partial information about potential witnesses or defendants.

Over the years, we have seen how important it is for lawyers and law firms to ensure that their information is correct and accurate. Sometimes, the smallest mistake or detail can cost a case. In other cases, a judge might dismiss a case due to an incorrect name. Amending documents weeks or even months into a trial can make a client look incompetent and can also lead to an appearance of misconduct before the courts.

So how does a Private Investigator help?

1. Locating defendants or witnesses. 

We are experts at locating missing or evasive people. Skip Tracing is what we do best.

In a recent case, we were able to locate two witnesses who were previously involved in criminal activities. Both of them have gone to ground, and there were no available contact numbers or addresses for them. Through a series of online searches and discrete enquiries, our team was able to locate their current residential addresses.

The defendants moved to different businesses and listed their various details in their spouses’ names. They did not include their residential addresses in any search or database. We then conducted multiple business searches and social media profiles to confirm that they were still married.

Through these searches, our team was able to determine when the spouses of the defendants would be at their respective businesses. We also conducted surveillance on them, and we were able to check their activities when they left the area.

Although this case study focused on one method of finding a missing defendant, our team can also perform other investigations to locate the most evasive defendants. Our team has extensive experience and has access to vast amounts of information.

2. Locating information. 

A case we worked on involved a car accident that involved a lawyer’s client who was not at fault. The other party then disputed their liability after the incident. Since it was one person’s word against another’s, further evidence was needed to prove our client’s case.

Since the incident was only minor, the police did not attend and did not take reports. The lawyer for our client then asked us to look into the matter to see if we could provide evidence that could be presented in court. After we arrived at the scene, our agents discovered that there was a surveillance system in the area.

We then contacted the manager of the service station to see if he could provide us with the footage that would prove our client’s case. We were also able to establish the contact details of the station’s console operator, who confirmed that he saw the accident but was unable to provide details due to the presence of customers. This video footage was very important to our client’s case as it showed exactly what happened.

The information that a court requires in a particular case can be found in various ways. With our experience and knowledge of how to get the necessary details for a successful case, our agents can confidently help you and your client.

3. Serving evasive defendants and witnesses.

Over the years, our agents have seen many ways that defendants would try to avoid being served. Some of these include claiming that they are not the person they are supposed to be, running away, and threatening violence.

Despite the various ways that defendants try to avoid being served, our agents are still determined to serve every individual. We carry out our duties with the necessary equipment and methods to ensure that we can properly serve the court. Some of the information that our agents can gather include the addresses of the defendants, their motor vehicle details, and the history of their rental and property sales.

Many Law Firms and Lawyers have come to us with files asking us to serve the court after another agent failed to do so. The pleasant surprise they receive when our agents deliver proper service quickly and professionally on these cases motivates us to maintain our high standards.

Down Under Investigations operate Australia-wide, with a network of agents to ensure your matter is handled professionally, quickly and at a very reasonable rate. Please contact us for more information.