Every year, we as a team perform many types of background checks for businesses, and we believe that they are an integral part of the employment process.

We’ve all heard the saying that you can’t put a price on safety, and the same is true for that of your business. Who you employ matters, as your employees are the face of your business and need to embody the same values, principles, and level of safety that you do. But, what’s the point of a background check? Why do we recommend that you outsource them to a team such as us?

Firstly, background checks can be a lengthy and laborious process, which is why we recommend out-sourcing to a team of professionals who can carry out these checks thoroughly and quickly.

Secondly, through a background check, you’ll be able to investigate the history of a potential employee, to ensure that they meet you and your businesses expectations.

Also, we have access and avenues to search a background that you may not have access to, giving you information about an individual that you would never have thought to search for, yet that impacts your decision to hire.

And lastly, it will ensure that the credentials presented by the potential employee are valid and correct.

However, today we’re not only going to dive into the benefits of a background check, but highlight what they can unveil for you and your business.

Education + Certification

If a role or occupation requires particular qualifications, training or certifications, then the potential employee must be truthful about this. Background checks can not only prove the validity of someone’s education and whether or not they have undertaken it, but can also reveal whether or not any certifications have expired or not. Some industries require annual updates for certifications, and a background check can ensure that your potential employee is up to date.

There was a case in recent years in Victoria where a lawyer misled on their application and resume in regards to obtaining a position at the Department of Public Prosecutions with Victoria Police. It took almost two years for his superiors to realize he wasn’t qualified, lacked the experience he purported in his application, and was well out of his depth.

He was fired and charged immediately, but almost two years too late.

The cost in finance, time and embarrassment could have been avoided with a proper, detailed background check.

Criminal Records

Regardless of whether or not it would deter you from employing someone, it’s important to know whether or not your employees have a criminal record. If the role requires the individual to have no criminal record, then you should definitely consider performing a background check to ensure that they meet this standard. Each state has different procedures for obtaining these records, and we are your team to assist in obtaining these in a smooth, efficient manner.

Licences + Qualifications 

Not having a valid licence, or even a licence at all could put you and your business at risk as potential incidents could have serious ramifications. If you need someone fully licenced, it’s better to double check before you hire.

For example, the role requires a particular licence, such as a truck, forklift or drivers licence (with full demerits), a background check can highlight whether or not the person has a valid licence and qualifications or not.

Previous Employment

When applying for jobs, some people falsify their resumes by adding roles and jobs that simply never happened. Perhaps it’s to show experience, or perhaps it’s to make them look better than they are. But unfortunately experience needs to be earnt, and not falsified. If you need an experienced member of staff, then a background check can ensure this. Background checks can also reveal where an individual has intentionally omitted certain previous employment, due to having been fired or forced to resign under dubious circumstances. The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour. This is information you need to know when making employment decisions.

Background checks have an incredible ability to help you as the employer make a decision, and base that decision on facts. When hiring, you can ensure that the individual certainly is who they say they are on their resume or in interviews.

For more information on how we can help you and your business with background checks, get in touch with us today.