In an ever growing digital society, dating apps are becoming the new norm for finding love. More and more people are looking to dating apps and the statistics don’t lie. Tinder, (as of March 25th, 2020) boasted a whopping 57 million users worldwide. Of this 57, approximately 1 million users go on a date every week. It’s becoming bigger and bigger and the world is using them more and more. In fact, they just opened up a base in India. 

But to put this into perspective and show you how important this topic is, here as some statistics specifically about tinder that highlight this notion: 

  • Tinder is used in 190 countries, and is available in 40 languages

  • Tinder was processing one billion swipes per day by late 2014, that has now risen to 1.6 billion

  • Over 20 billion matches made since Tinder launched

  • Active Tinder users log in on average four times a day

Everyday multitudes of couples meet and fall in love through these platforms, which is why we don’t think these apps are bad in any way. After all, some of our nearest and dearest have met through platforms such as these. However, with 57 million users on Tinder you have to assume that not everyone is on there to meet ‘the one’. And that’s just tinder. 

In our latest podcast, we looked at a case concerning Jane, who was a single mum looking to get back into dating. After months of dating, she tried an online dating service, and found a guy (let’s call him Joe). They started dating and did so for a few months, but after about 6 months she grew suspicious of a few things. 

Firstly, she had never met his family and never met his friends, and secondly, they had never been to his house. After 6 months, she reached out to us and asked us to investigate to get some facts. We did some surveillance and investigations and discovered that he had a wife, a family and had been keeping this secret for the entire time. Jane’s mysterious man wanted something physical, which is dangerous on it’s own. But the next danger is always financial. The FBI recently stated that $50 million dollars was lost in romance scams. A romance scam is essentially when someone uses it as an account, either as a catfish or with a false name/profile, and over time asks for more money. This could be through phone bills, flights that ‘get cancelled’ or a variance of other reasons. But either way, some members of this 57 million, use dating apps for their own benefit and gain. 

Surveillance through a private investigator is the most effective way for you to find answers, no matter what stage of the relationship you’re in. And trust us, ignorance is not bliss. You need to know the truth and you need to know it before you get physical or before you start handing over your money. We can perform investigations both before you go on a date and while they’re merely messaging you, and after  you’ve met them in person. We have methods of finding the truth. So if you’re suspicious of who you’re currently talking to on a screen, or suspicious of the person who’s in front of you, you need to get facts. Otherwise, will you truly be happy? 

However, we don’t just perform surveillance on misleading partners. Over the years we’ve performed surveillance for lawyers obtaining evidence, for neighbours within neighbourhood disputes and for workplaces. Surveillance is about unveiling the truth, no matter what the circumstance. If something within your world seems off, or you’re starting to have a hunch about something, it’s time to get answers. Whether it’s at home, work, for legal purposes or for your own benefit, you deserve the truth, and with us you can find it.