With the potent Coronavirus sweeping the world, it’s important to know the facts, and be prepared. For the Process Server, we never know when serving papers, what a recipient may be carrying and what we may be exposed to. We’re taking every measure to ensure that we as a team are fulfilling all of these methods to create not only a safe and hygienic environment for our team, but for those that we come into contact with.

So here’s some tips to keep yourself, and others, safe and protected. 

1. WASH. 
Wash your hands regularly, with hot water and soap for 20 seconds. Dry with paper towel or an air dryer. 


Avoid touching your own mouth, nose or eyes. These are key possible infection points which could allow the virus to enter your body. Keep your hands away from other people and surfaces also. 

3. COVER. 

Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you sneeze or cough. The virus can be spread easily through air borne particles from one person to another. 

4. STAY. 

Stay home if feeling ill or showing symptoms. Quarantine yourself to stop the spread. 

5. PHONE. 

Phone your doctor for advice if feeling ill or showing signs of the virus. Don’t just head straight into a clinic, but call ahead first. 


Stay active and look after yourself. 


Don’t get too close to the person you are serving. Physical contact is never needed, and the virus can be contracted through personal touch. Stand back from the person you are serving, and limit the time you are inside their personal space while handing them documents. 

Avoid shaking hands or any other polite contact. 

Hygiene is vitally important to keep yourself safe and protected. A sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol base is recommended. Use sanitiser regularly. 

We’re still out process serving, and will do so until asked not to. However, we as a team must implement these, and recommend that everyone also does this, to ensure that we create a safe environment for everyone.

We’re wishing all our colleagues a safe and healthy next few months as we fight Coronavirus, because after all, we can all play our part in making a safer environment.