We truly believe that having a “go to” Private Investigator on your team gives your Law Firm a great advantage. Every lawyer wants the best possible outcome for their client. When a client is only able to provide limited or inaccurate information, it makes the life of a lawyer difficult. Some clients present with partial names, addresses or phone numbers of potential witnesses or defendants. This can come through carelessness, forgetfulness or simply a client has never obtained the required information to proceed through the courts with a lawyer. We have seen throughout over 30 years experience working with Lawyers and Law Firms just how important accurate and correct information is when working a case. Sometimes the smallest error or detail can cost a case. Files have been dismissed by a judge due to an incorrect name on many occasions. Amending documents weeks or months into a trial is costly and can make a client appear incompetent before the courts. These amendments and errors are always pounced upon by opposition counsel. 

So how does a Private Investigator help?

1. Locating defendants or witnesses. 

We are experts at locating missing or evasive people. It’s what we do best. 

A case recently, we were looking for two witnesses, one an ex-lawyer, one an ex-accountant. Both had been pursued in regards to criminal behaviour years before and had gone to ground. All the client had available was disconnected mobile phone numbers, addresses where the potential defendants did not longer reside and that were over four years old and some unregistered company names. Through a series of database, social and other online searches, plus surveillance, our team was able to provide current residential addresses. 

Both defendants had moved to totally different businesses and listed everything in their spouses name. They did not list a residential address on any search or database. First step was to find the name of each defendants spouse. This led us to business searches, obtaining a business location, and also social media searches confirming they were still current in their spousal relationship, and photographs of each spouse. 

Further searches were able to determine when the spouse of each defendant would be present and also finishing at the business addresses each day. Our team then set about surveillance on the spouses, following each of them when they left the business address, past the shops, collecting children from after school care, and straight to their current residential address! This is one simple case study on how we can locate a missing defendant, but there are many, many other avenues at our disposal. Our experience and access to information is second to none, enabling us to locate even the most evasive of defendants. 

2. Locating information. 

A lawyers client was involved in a car accident, and not at fault. The other party disputed liability after admitting fault at the scene. Being it was one persons word against another, further evidence was required to prove our clients case beyond reasonable doubt. 

Being it was only a small accident, with no injuries, police did not attend and no reports were taken. We were contacted by the lawyer for our client, asking us to find what evidence we could to present in court. Upon attendance at the scene (weeks after the accident), our agents noted there was a Service Station on the corner with what appeared to be a very good camera surveillance system. 

Enquiries were made with the manager who was pleased to provide the footage that proved our clients case. We were also able to ascertain the contact details of the console operator at the service station at the time of the accident, who confirmed he had seen the accident take place, but was unable to leave the store to give details due to having customers. This video footage together with the located witness was vital to our client winning the case before the court. 

The information required for a specific court case can be found in many and varied ways. Rest assured, we have the experience and know how to get the information for you and your client to have maximum success. 

3. Serving defendants and witnesses. 

With years and years of experience, we have seen many ways a defendant will attempt to avoid service. From claiming they are not the person, to refusing to answer the door, to running away, to threatening violence… you name it, we have seen it. 

We are also unperturbed by such behaviour. We have ways, means and a determination to properly serve every single defendant, regardless of the obstacles they place in our way. Our team attend addresses armed with information, including photographs and descriptions of the defendant, motor vehicle details, property sale and rental history and plenty of other useful information which assists. We record service on most occasions, with either audio or video, together with GPS real time tracking and time stamps. 

Countless Lawyers and Law Firms have come to us with files requiring service where a different agent has made unsuccessful attempts. The pleasant surprise the Lawyers express when we effect proper service promptly and professionally on these evasive defendants always motivates us to keep our high standard. Make sure you have the advantage of a competent, professional, experienced and prompt “go to“ Private Investigator working in partnership with your Law Firm.