Process serving, as we always say, is not a DIY action. It’s dangerous and can have huge ramifications if not done by professionals. But why are businesses turning towards external agencies to perform process serving. The reasons for this are time, energy, risk and cost. Every business wishes they had more of these four entities, and utilising an external agency like ours to can give you a little bit of it back. Today, we’ll go through these to highlight how utilising an external agency can benefit these four major factors of your business. 


Process serving isn’t just dropping something off in a letterbox, or something you can do on the way home from the office. More often than not, it takes an incredible amount of time. This is due to a multitude of reasons:

  • Locating the people you need to process serve 

  • Travelling to their location (which is often interstate)

  • Waiting for them to arrive at their base location

  • Explaining to them that they have been served. 

This all takes time – particularly that of locating people. Does your business have this amount of time? Or should you be using this time to build your own business?


Process serving can be quite laborious, and thus can require large amounts of energy. Just because you’ve processed someone, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do your own work. Within the potential hours it will take to process serve someone, you still have to maintain the work you perform exterior to this. Is that worth the hours? Something you should also consider is the fact that process serving is not a 9-5 business. It’s a ‘when they’re home’ business. Do you have the energy to be up late? We do! And we’re ready at any time. 


Who’s on the other side of the door? IF we can be so candid, we must admit that when we knock on the door, the answer isn’t usually ‘come in for a cup of tea’. Safety precautions need to be made before process serving, and if they’re not done then you can be putting yourself, your employees and your business at risk. We’ve come into contact with physically and verbally abusive recipients, but as trained professionals, we understand and know how to combat this. Don’t put yourself at physical risk, because it’s not worth it.  


Considering the three notions above, often when you evaluate how long it will take and how much time will be consumed trying to process serve, you have to think about how much this will cost you financially. Because of this, it’s important to perform a cost-benefit analysis when considering hiring an external agency. Although it may seem like you’re going to save yourself money, on the surface you probably won’t. We work within the appropriate scale of costs and take each case’s needs into consideration. After all, we want to help you, so will always strive to get you the best service that we can.

It’s time to seek alternative help and it’s time to get an external agency to process serve for you.