With the new year now in full effect, many of us would have begun 2020 by setting goals. Both as a businesses and individuals we ask questions such as:

  • What did we achieve last year? 

  • What do I want to improve on?

  • What will we change? 

  • What do we want to achieve by the end of 2020?

All of these are the types of questions every business needs to have asked themselves. The reason being is that we need to utilise the information we have from last year and use it to forecast, goal set and plan your business objectives. These goals are often financially based, growth based, time based and even location based, however, in all of this, have you set safety goals for your business?

Safety goals and strategies need to be implemented into your business in the same way that your financial goals are. The reason for this, is that if you aren’t setting goals and implementing safety protocols, it could lead to financial stress. 

To assist in goal setting for your businesses safety, we’ve highlighted a few areas that we recommend you look at and question. 

Financial Safety Goals
Is your business as financially secure as you want it to be? If you’ve had an incident of fraud or ongoing unpaid debt then you need to ensure that you set goals to prepare for these events. The goals you may decide to set are:

  • Weekly Financial Checks

  • Client Payment Plans + Reminders

  • More frequent background checks

  • More Frequent Credit Checks

Your goals must be based on previous experience, but also on hypotheticals. Therefore, if your business is wanting to be safe, you may want to invest into hiring an external agency to perform background checks and credit checks for every client. This is an achievable safety goal that can save your business time and potential financial detriment. 

Workplace Safety Goals
Is the environment that they work in safe physically, mentally and emotionally? When it comes to OHS, you need to ensure that every employee feels safe and valued in the workplace. 

Some goals you can set are: 

  • Weekly Equipment Checks

  • Daily Workplace Inspections

  • Perform One safety Meeting per Week

  • Offer compulsory weekly safety training

  • Update your security system by the end of 2020

Creating a safe work environment is just as important as creating financial goals. You can’t grow if your employees don’t feel safe, so ensure that you set financial safety goals. 

Employee/Employment Safety Goals

Are your employees safe? Have you set protocols as to how you’re going to hire and maintain staff that are safe and trustworthy? In order to create a safe working environment, you need to have safe, trustworthy employees. This comes from not only through interviews and applications, but from background checks. Are you performing a background check on all potential employees? Or just some? Or… none? Here are some potential goals you can set: 

  • Create a thorough application process

  • Perform Background checks on all applicants

  • Perform Credit checks on all applicants

  • Perform Monthly Employee feedback meetings/forms

All of these goals can ensure that you understand your employees safety needs and requirements. Ask your employees about how they feel, and especially if they feel unsafe.

Your employees can either make or break your business. So, if they themselves are unsafe, or if they feel unsafe, it should be a matter of the highest importance. 

So, what are your safety goals this year? Do you need to look into an external agency for these goals? If you’re wanting to increase your background & credit checks, or are wanting to ensure that your business is safer, give us a call. We’ve set our goals as a business to make sure our 2020 is our safest year yet, and with our help, you can too.