Process serving, as we’ve stated multiple times in the past, is no easy task. It requires skill, experience, determination and a keen mind. In the past we’ve often recommended that you look to hire a private investigator, such as ourselves rather than doing it yourself. 

The reasons for this are due to safety, time, and mostly due to our locative services. However, if you operate (or operate within) a law firm, you need to heavily consider having a regular, go-to Private Investigator that you can use. 

Someone, like us

The reason you need to have a regular private investigator who handles your process serving is because of a few reasons. 


Trust is hard to build and easy to take away, which is why we are always in communication with our clients. If an attempt is made, however the documents aren’t delivered, you can be assured that you’ll be notified. We’ve often heard about PI’s who sell themselves as ‘hole in one’ process servers, but are really averaging three or four attempts. This is not the case with us. Sometimes we deliver first attempt, and sometimes the process is a little longer. But either way, we’re always honest, to ensure that trust is built. 

Ask your Private Investigator questions, and see what they say, because if it doesn’t line up, it might be time to engage with Down Under. 


Experience in this particular field is an absolute must. You never know who is on the other side of a document, and you never know how dangerous they can be. So, is your PI experienced? Have they done this type of work before? These are all valid questions your law firm should be asking. The reason for that is because you need these people to be in court, and can’t have a delayed trial simply due to a PI not being able to live up to what they’ve said they can do. 

Ask them if they’ve done this before. Ask them how often. 

Knowledge of Procedure

Does your PI know what actually needs to occur within the circumstances of delivering papers? 

There’s a very strict procedure that needs to be done, and do you trust that your PI has the experience as well as the knowledge to undertake these procedures. You don’t want to jeopardise a case because of your PI’s lack of knowledge. 

If you’ve never worked with a PI, feel free to contact us with any questions. Especially with the questions we’ve recommended, because you should always query your PI on their knowledge, experience and whether or not you can trust them. 

Your law firm deserves the best, so if you need a PI to deliver documents and process serve, let us help.

We want to ensure that justice is served and that you always get a win on your side.