In the year 1820, Thomas Jefferson in a letter wrote “Knowledge is Power, Ignorance is Weakness”. 

It’s true, knowledge gives you the power to make informed decisions, based on facts and truth. Ignorance places you in a weak position. 

Many businesses, business owners and individuals utilise our service of a background check in order to be fully informed. Knowledge and Power are vital to a building a healthy, profitable business. 

Background checks are used in many ways, to find out the truth about a person or situation.  

Here are some ways a background check may be useful to you. 

Business Owners. 

When hiring staff, a resume only reveals select information about a potential hire. What is written may look impressive, and the candidate may appear well presented, knowledgeable and competent. 

But what is the truth about this potential employee? Do they have a criminal past? Have they disclosed every past place of employment, even the ones where they have been fired under shady circumstances?

A background check is the preferred way of knowing the truth about this person. Background checks can uncover criminal history, poor behaviour, compromised morals and all sorts of information a potential employee may want to remain hidden. This information puts you in the know, so you can make an informed decision about who you can entrust unto your business and clients.

Credit Providers, Landlords & Property Agents, Vehicle Leasers. 

Many in the financial services industry know that a credit report is only part of the story when it comes to someone’s ability and potential to repay a loan. 

Real estate agents are also aware that a property application and search of the appropriate Tenancy Database will only reveal some information about a potential tenant. To protect property and landlords, we are often called upon to dig a little deeper when it comes to a property lease application. 

People will lie about all sorts of personal information on an application; from rental history, to pets, to expected living arrangements, to employment and finance. Background checks conducted by our team have saved landlords tens of thousands of dollars in potential damage to property. 

When leasing a vehicle, does the leaser have the ability to pay? Have they disclosed all of their driving history and habits? Could they potentially abscond with the vehicle? Vehicle leasing companies regularly utilize the service of a background check, as the time, money and effort saved is always worth engaging us. 


Everyone wants to find and fall in love with Mr or Mrs Right. During the start of a relationship, it’s easy to gloss over “red flags” because you are in love. Strong feelings may cause a person to commit to someone they barely know and maybe shouldn’t trust. The potential partner may say all the right things, and act in a perfect manner, but maybe they are hiding their past?

‘The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour’- Dr Phil 

On many occasions when we have conducted a background check on a spouse, we have found poor character, a shady past, abuse, cheating or criminal activity. Each and every time, our client expresses that they wish they knew this information truth sooner. Knowledge is power, ignorance is weakness. 

All our background checks are conducted with utmost discretion. They will never know, and you have the right to be informed. 

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