In our last blog, we spoke about the reasons as to why your law firm should not only use a PI for process serving, but the reasons as to why you should have a regular, go-to private investigator. 

The reasons for this are: trust, experience and knowledge of procedure

But beyond these three attributes comes a financial and procedural reality. 

It’s all good and well that you can trust that your private investigator in both their experience and their knowledge of procedure. However, when your law firm is looking to hire a private investigator, you need to know how much ‘trust, experience and knowledge’ is going to cost you. When your law firm or business engages with us for process serving there are some things you should definitely know. 

Our costs are as per the Magistrates Court Scale of Costs. 

Most private investigators put a fee on top of this, however we know and understand what you need, and therefore charge you accordingly. 

 First attempt to serve made within 24 hours of receiving a documents. 

You want results, and you want them quick. When you hire us, we always seek to make our first attempt in the first 24 hours so that you can get results ASAP. This also comes back to trust. If we don’t successfully make the first attempt, you’ll be notified. You won’t be sitting there waiting by the phone.

We don’t charge more than one attempt fee which includes multiple attempts. We don’t charge for reports and affidavits, these are provided free of charge. 

In some cases, private investigators charge per attempt or charge based on hours it takes. This is not the case for us. If we can’t get it on the first attempt, that’s on us. You shouldn’t have to pay more for something that is out of your control. 

Attempts to serve are made at residential addresses between 7am-9am and 5pm-9pm. Attempts at business addresses during normal business hours. 

Often process servers only serve documents between 9-5 or during business hours. However, our business hours look a little different. We want results quick, and know that we’re not going to get them exclusively between  9am and 5pm. However, if we are processing for a business, we look to process serve when that business is open, and do so between business hours.  

Heavily discounted rates for Private Investigation available to lawyers and law firms.

We don’t charge through the roof, particularly for law firms. We understand the financial side of what you do, and therefore want to make it as easy as possible for you to get results. 

 We operate Australia-wide. 

We’re not bound by one city or state. Often in the past we’ve had to serve documents to people who have left the state or are no longer where they were thought to once be. But because our team extends all throughout Australia, we could process serve them with ease and get quick results. Your team might be based in one city, but ours is based Australia wide, so if you can’t serve documents in (for example) Sydney, we can.

Once you know you can trust your PI, you need to look at the facts. We hope that you consider these things when hiring a PI. If you have any questions, or are interested in hiring us, feel free to get in contact with us for all your process serving requirements.