Over the last few years we’ve seen the expansion of rideshare apps on a whole new level. Companies such as Uber, Ola & DiDi (to name a few) as well as food delivery apps such as Deliveroo & UberEats have changed the way in which our society works. However, they have not only changed the way in which our everyday lives play out, but they have caused the Car Rental Industry to boom

The reasoning for that is because most rideshare apps require a certain standard or quality of vehicle of which the driver must use. Now, as you can probably assume, most drivers don’t initially have these types of cars in the initial stages of becoming a driver, nor can they afford to purchase a new vehicle just for the soul purpose of being an uber driver. Therefore, the driver rents a vehicle that meets the rideshare app’s standard, and thus begins their work.
However, it’s often not that simple nor that peaceful. Many rideshare drivers often don’t make their rental car par payments due to a lack of income. Or, in some cases that we’ve seen, people use rideshare businesses as the cause to hire a vehicle, and then will begin to drive away with the car vehicle, with no intention of continuing payments. 

Many people begin their career as an Uber driver with honest intentions, but often don’t make payments due to lack of income, but this means that the car rental industry loses out. 

This is where we can help. 

In the last year, Down Under Investigations has repossessed over 250 vehicles, many of which were used for the purpose of rideshare apps.
However, car repossessions are more than just phoning a person to return the vehicle, because often further matters need to be taken. There are a multitude of reasons as to why hiring a Private Investigation can benefit your car rental business, should it need to repossess cars. 

Locative Services
Most rental cars are now equipped with GPS tracking devices should this ever become problematic. However, there are some that aren’t, which is where we can assist. If your vehicle is missing, we can assist in locating it. 

Servicing Australia Wide
We have a team that expands Australia wide, which means that it doesn’t matter where your vehicle is, we can repossess it and ensure that it is brought back to its original location. 

Experience & Industry Knowledge
Repossessing cars is no easy task, and we know this through our years of experience. Car repossessions can be dangerous if not done correctly, so as we always say, leave it to the professionals.

If you and your business need an individual – or multiple – vehicles to be repossessed, we are your go to team. We want to help your business be all it can be. So visit our website & contact us if you would like to enquire about our services.