In the past, we’ve spoken about hidden cameras, and about where some of the best places are to hide them in your house. However, today we want to take a deeper look into why you should have hidden cameras set up in your home.

All the reasons we’re going to provide for you today are to protect you, because sometimes you don’t know who’s going into your house. So the following are a few examples of situations and reasons as to why you should highly consider hidden cameras in your home:

When Strangers or Untrustworthy People Enter your Home. Maybe it’s a babysitter, or maybe it’s a friend of a friend who’s house sitting. The words ‘You can never be too careful’ come to mind. But more importantly, perhaps you rent a property to the world through AirBnB? In the world of AirBnB, which we’re totally grateful for, you can rent your house for someone to use for days, weeks and even months. However, many people utilise AirBnB’s for incredibly bad reasons, and utilise bad activity. But we’re talking about more than ‘giving them a bad rating’ type of bad activity, we’re talking about illegal actions. So, if you have a group of individuals who seem a bit suss, it may be worth implementing one for safety.

Burglary and Theft. According to Budget Direct, there were 225,900 burglaries that occurred in 2017 in Australia. That’s close to 2% of the country. Now that might not seem like a lot, but when it’s one in every 50 homes, it’s a big deal. But here’s the interesting thing, they also created a top ten list of the most commonly stolen items from home.
The list went like this:

  1. Cash.

  2. Laptops.

  3. Jewellery.

  4. Cameras.

  5. Phones.

Now, you may look at this and see it as an obvious list due to their original price, potential resell price or just overall value. But here’s the kicker. Where do people most commonly keep these items? In the Bedroom. Now you may not keep all these things in the bedroom, but let’s be honest in saying that most do. So, if it’s that likely, and these items are already in the bedroom, perhaps it’s time to invest in an alarm clock hidden camera. It’s subtle, won’t look out of the place and will get the job done, and provide proof and assistance to the police in an investigation.

When Renovations Occur. If you’re having renovations or construction done on your house, you’ll have array of strangers moving and shaking through your house. If something gets stolen, you’ll know it was one of them, but won’t be able to prove who. Unless, of course, you have a hidden camera in your house.

Infidelity and Cheating. The most common, and often the most heartbreaking. This reason pops up a lot, because unfortunately it happens a lot. If you’re suspicious of a partner, it’s often a good idea to implement a hidden camera. You may find nothing, and we hope you do, but it could be the difference between living with a cheater or being free from it.

Hidden cameras have a great value, and we use and install them for a varying range of clients. If you’re considering it, but have more things you’d like to question, feel free to get in contact with us with any queries you may have.