As Private Investigators, we conduct background checks for clients on a regular basis for a varying range of reasons. However, some people don’t often realise the importance of background checks (and the many circumstances in which they can be used) until it’s too late.
Because of this, we’re going to be highlighting a few different reasons as to why you might want to conduct a background check.

Employee Background Check

Perhaps the most obvious one, because before employing someone, we always recommend that employers conduct a background check. There are many things that can be hidden in a resume or interview, and you deserve to know certain things about your employee that might be vital, such as a criminal record.

Employer Background Check

However, something you may not have considered, is conducting a background check for your employer. Who are you being employed by? You deserve to know that the person you’re about to be paid by is a fair and just employer.

Although daunting, it’s important to conduct one particularly if you get bad vibes from your potential employer.

Developing Online Relationships

More and more people are meeting and developing relationships online. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however, a background check can definitely shed light on many of these developing relationships.
If the other person in this relationship is unwilling to meet in person, or wants to keep their relationship online, it might be time for a background check.

Volunteer & Unpaid Work

Often we only conduct background checks for those who are going to be financially reimbursed for work. However, volunteers, interns and unpaid workers should be treated with the same amount of discretion that one would with a paid employee.
If someone is representing your business, albeit paid or unpaid, they need to be held to the standard that is already up-kept.

Child Care, Babysitters & Private Teachers

If someone is looking after your child, you want to make sure that they’re safe. Teachers, child care workers and Babysitters that you find online, all should be checked. Because if they’re spending that much time with your children alone, you should definitely look into their past and whether or not they’re the right person to care for your kids.

Background checks are pretty common, and we attend to them on a regular basis. If you’re interested in having some conducted, or are needing them on a regular basis, we’re you’re go to team! Feel free to contact us for more details!