Our team agree it’s a very interesting and rewarding profession. Each day, each client, each file, each target is different.

To become a PI, however, is a little more complex than just picking up a camera and following someone. In fact, you do this and you may end up with a criminal stalking charge.  

The industry has strong regulations and requirements, which are governed by the State Police. These regulations and requirements are to safeguard from those who may enter the industry to take advantage of the general public, those with criminal links and history, and those who simply cannot be trusted with access to you and your personal life. 

Make sure you check out the licensing requirements in your local State before pursuing a career as a PI. 

Further to holding a license and having the right equipment, the following attributes will give you a head start in the industry. 


A great PI is able to adapt to the requirements of each file in order to get results. This may be in terms of your own appearance, the way you speak with someone to obtain cooperation and information, flexibility with your time and hours, and an adaptability to changes in circumstances surrounding the case you are investigating. 


As a PI, often you will need to perform tasks you see as below your pay grade. For example, surveillance can very often turn into a very long period of time watching a person or address, in an uncomfortable situation. It’s rarely about fast chases and a whole lot of action. A humble PI will understand that this is part of the industry. Take the good with the not so good. 


Your ability to work with others will take you a long way in the PI industry. If you’re the type who puts the team and results ahead of your own person ambition, you’ll do well. 

Self motivated. 

In addition to being able to work in a team, you must be able to work alone without being micro-managed by a manager or boss. An ability to think for yourself, work hard, analyse and make decisions will get you off to a great start as a PI. 


You want to be the type of person who can make good decisions, either under pressure or after taking time to analyse information where needed. Being able to read and understand people and information, then respond accordingly will take you a long way in this industry. 


Having the ability to look beyond yourself and jump into someone else’s shoes and headspace will definitely help you get results. Having a care for people (your client and also the target) will help you understand what is needed in each file and push you towards the results. 

As we’ve said before, the rewards are there for those who pursue a career as a PI with the right approach and attributes. Have you got what it takes?