From the title, you may be thinking this is a blog about whether or not your boss is spying on you. However, even though you might be worried about your boss finding out that you’re secretly catching up on GoT or the NBA playoffs at work, we’re not here to talk about that. However, if you believe your boss is inappropriately watching you, or illegally watching you without your knowledge or consent, then this blog might be for you.

What we’re we’re here to talk about is workplace surveillance.
Over the years, many of our clients have asked us to perform surveillance within a business, company or organisation for them. Often it’s to highlight their mistreatment, gain evidence or to highlight breaches of employment contracts.

If we can be quite frank, there are some business’ out there doing some pretty awful things to their employees. Often these things are hard to prove, and often the employee feels as though he/she can’t risk the financial strain if it goes pear shaped. But this is why we want to help.

So, is your employer performing illegal activities, or requiring you to do to perform them? Are they breaking your contract or financially manipulating you?
Are they making comments such as ‘if you don’t do *insert obscene task* you’re fired’?

Is your employer making sexual comments, or suggesting/performing inappropriate acts/gestures towards you?

But most importantly, are you finding it difficult to prove? If you are, we recommend you consider the following:

Surveillance Performed by Professionals

In the past, we’ve entered business’ and companies as potential customers and clients to obtain evidence and information, and we’ve successfully gained proof on from these visits. You’d be surprised how much certain employers will reveal when trying to impress clients, especially if this new ‘client’ has also just become their new best friend.
We’re discreet, and have a professional approach to the way we perform all our surveillance, and workplace surveillance is no different.

Utilising Spy Gear (Particularly Camera Pens)

Obtaining evidence isn’t as easy as hitting record on your voice memos, especially considering many workplace environments don’t allow phones on sight. But you know what’s ALWAYS allowed?


One of the great pieces of Spyware that we stock on our online store is a Camera Pen. It can record quality video and audio, and could be the difference between you being treated fairly or not. If you find that certain comments, actions or unfair treatment occurs when you’re alone with this person, this could be the best way to obtain evidence as it’s highly discreet and unassuming. And it’s only $19.50.
Now we don’t endorse DIY surveillance, but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. So, if you are to use this, please be careful and back away if things become fishy or you’re on the brink of being caught.

Confide in Co-Workers you can Trust

If it’s happening to you, it’s probably happening to others. When it comes to taking down unfair employers or workplaces, there is always strength in numbers and strength in proof. As hard as it may be in the initial stages, confiding with others could be the difference in a fair work environment.

Not everyone has a great boss, and not everyone has a fair work environment, which is why we want to help you so that it becomes a safe place to work.
If you would like to enquire about our services – inside your workplace or outside of it – feel free to contact us with any questions you have.