A client and lawyer relationship can be either brilliant and positive or confusing and negative.

Here’s some tips to help you work well with any lawyer.

Communicate Clearly

Make sure you give your lawyer clear instructions on what you wish to achieve. Whether your matter is commercial, family law or litigation, it makes no difference. You need to ensure your lawyer knows what you want before action is taken on your behalf. 

Listen Intently

Always listen to your lawyer. Do your best to understand what they are trying to say and the advice they give. They are the expert, you are not. If you have questions or something is unclear, politely ask them to explain again for you. 

Control Emotion 

Emotion is natural, particularly when is comes to money, family or other matters you are passionate about.

Emotion can also cloud you ability to both communicate and listen. Remember, your lawyer is on your side, they are on your team, they want the best for you. Keep emotions in check so you can make clear decisions.

Disclose Everything

Sure, in the wake of the “Lawyer X” scandal, you may be fearful as to what information your lawyer will use against you. Don’t be afraid, because they are bound by privacy and client/lawyer privilege to keep confidential matters confidential. 

On the other hand, disclosing everything will assist your lawyer in making the best of a situation and provide the best advice for the long term.

Pay your Invoice 

When engaging a lawyer, a costs disclosure will be provided to you, so you are not shocked by how much you are charged.

Read it and understand it. Paying your lawyer upfront will definitely help secure the best services from them. Be honest about your financial situation from the start, so a payment arrangement or budget may be set. Nothing aggravates a lawyer more than chasing their own client for payment. 

Follow through on Requirements Promptly

If a lawyer asks you for some paperwork or evidence, provide it quickly. Reply to emails and phone calls. The legal process can be a slow beast, but it can also gain pace. Make sure your own actions are not delaying a matter by being quick to respond. 

Show Appreciation

Nothing helps get results from your lawyer like showing gratitude for their services and assistance. Many lawyers work tirelessly, late into the night, often losing sleep over the matters of a client. A simple “Thank You” or small gift can draw the best out of your lawyer.