In our last Podcast, we spoke about the five physical signs of a cheating partner. We delved into how a partners taste, touch, appearance, smell and what they say can reveal if they’re a potential cheater. These signs can be crucial in determining whether or not what you’re seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting is paranoia or something more. 

And the reason why we bring up this notion is because off the back of this, we wanted to talk about the ‘Sixth Sense’. Not the movie with Bruce Willis where the kid sees dead people (Spoiler Alert), because if you start seeing dead people that’s definitely an issue for the police. 

The sixth sense we’re talking about is that gut feeling you get when somethings not quite right.

But, when do you start to trust your sixth sense? 

At what point after trusting your gut do you call us to investigate?

How do you confront them once you find out the information?
Let’s take this one question at a time. 
So, when do you start to trust your sixth sense? 

We all have a gut feeling about something, but no one knows your gut feeling like you do. We all get suspicious. We all get jealous. We all get paranoid. But there’s a difference between paranoia and a gut feeling. When you know, you know. So the first thing you need to establish is whether this is a true, genuine gut feeling, or just you being paranoid. 

Maybe you’re at a work convention and your partner and his receptionist laughed a bit too long after that joke.

Maybe your partner has been late home more than usual with different excuses each time.
Whatever the situation, you need to establish whether or not you’re being paranoid or actually have a feeling something is up. Confide in a friend, and see what they say. Talking about this is always a good option, because others will be able to tell you if what you’re thinking has validity. Like they say, two heads are better than one.

At what point after trusting your gut do you call us to investigate?

So you’ve had the gut feeling, you think you’re partner is cheating on you. But do you react, or respond? Before you contact us, it’s always best to wait a bit. Now obviously each to their own, but this again comes down to gut feeling vs paranoia. The reason we say this is because if your partner comes home one night late and has a poor excuse, it may be what you think it is, but it’s more likely not what you think it is. More often than not, the bad habits that your partner displays will go on for extended periods of times. After they’ve occurred over an extended period of time, that’s when you should contact us. We can subtly investigate and bring facts and evidence to your gut feeling and sixth sense. 

How do you confront them once you find out the information?

You’ve trusted your gut, you’ve got us involved, you’ve found that your partner is cheating. 

But how do you confront them? The best way is to talk to them, tell them what you’ve seen, what you know and what’s occured. If you need to involve lawyers, then we can also serve documents and papers to your husband or wife. But in all of this, respond with facts, not with feelings. Because we all get a little jealous or paranoid sometimes, but don’t feed it without knowing the facts. 

When it comes to your sixth sense, you can’t afford to confuse it with paranoia. It will only spark jealousy and pain, so be ensure to confide in someone who you can trust, or to call us for a consultation. 

We’re happy to answer any and every question you have to get the best result for you and your situation. 

So, call us, before it’s too late, it might just save your relationship from paranoia, or save you from being in a cheating relationship.