Hidden cameras are a wonderful tool. We’ve already spoken about the amazing benefits they have in revealing the truth about a situation or circumstance. And as Private Investigators, we endorse their usage because we believe that often they’re the best way to showcase what’s really happening in a situation. 

But here’s the thing, the right tool in the hand of the right tradesman can do wonderful and beautiful things. Put that same tool into the hands of a novice, or even into the hands of a child, and the tool suddenly becomes far more dangerous than what it once was. 

The same can be said about hidden cameras. They can often reveal the truth, but at the same time can bring forward mistrust in relationships, arguments between couples and reveal more than you thought you wanted to see. 

So for those who are considering, but haven’t ever used a hidden camera before, consider this ‘Hidden Cameras 101: A Class in Making sure you Camera Remains Hidden’.

Subtly is Key. 

You’d be surprised by how many changes a paranoid cheating partner will notice, especially if they’re paranoid that you’ll find out. If they’ve got a guilty conscious, then they’ll definitely notice that the books have been rearranged, or that the towels are suddenly being kept in a different spot to mask a camera…

Don’t make huge drastic changes to your house or apartment just to make sure that a camera is hidden. 

Also, don’t put hidden cameras that have a second purpose in odd places. We sell cameras that are glasses, alarm clocks and even pens! So don’t put an alarm clock hidden camera in the garage. Don’t put a hidden camera pen in the bathroom, and definitely don’t start wearing glasses ‘all of a sudden’. Be subtle, and keep your cool! 

Keep your cool!

If you yourself are doing the filming, or are being recorded you need to, as much as you, remain calm and not have any giveaways. 

Don’t keep looking over your shoulder at the camera, and definitely don’t talk about cameras.
Also, if you’re wanting the person to say or do something on camera to prove something, allow for it to happen naturally. You have to keep in mind that more often than not you don’t get one shot to record them in action, so if you don’t get it that day. If you don’t get the opportunity that day, persist, but don’t blow an opportunity trying to ‘subtly’ get a confession. 

Store the footage on an unshared device.
Once you’ve subtly recorded the footage, make sure you store the footage on something that the other person doesn’t have access to. It may sound like a small thing, but paranoia can do a lot to a person. If they’re suspecting that you’re filming them, then what’s stopping them from going through your laptop? Especially if they know your password and can have a look on it discreetly.

Know when to Abort.
Paranoia can get to the best of us, and if at any point you feel as though you’re going to get caught, abort the plan altogether. If you’re not sure you can hold up a brave face, or have anywhere in your house to put them subtly, ensure that you protect yourself before you wreck yourself. You don’t want to be in a position where you’re living in fear, so if you need to abort the plan. Do it. As soon as you can.

And then call us. Surveillance is difficult, dangerous and not easy, so although hidden cameras have great benefits. Sometimes it’s better to leave it to the professionals.

*disclaimer – before you consider installing a hidden camera in any place, make sure you check the laws governing telecommunications and recording devices in your area. Each country and state has similar but also different legislation, so make sure you know what you are doing is within the boundaries of the law.