Every year, approximately 38,000 people go missing. 

Let’s just let that sink in for a minute. 38,000. 

That’s one person every 15 minutes.
Now most missing persons are located and found within the first week. Our Police Officers work tirelessly to ensure families don’t remain separated for too long, if at all.
But on the flip side of this majority is a harsh minority. 
1600 people are still classified as missing long term.

Someone who is missing long term, is considered to be 3 months or longer. Now initially we can look at this and go ‘Oh, three months, that’s a fair bit of time’. But imagine if that was your son. Your daughter. Your wife or your husband. Your best friend or cousin.

Imagine if it was someone you know.
First week goes by, you’re panicking. Where the HELL did they go?
First month goes by. You feel as though this is getting ridiculous and that they’re gone forever.
3 months go by, your family member or friend is considered a long term missing person.
The emotional state can be devastating.

So, why is it that every week we post about long term missing people? Why do we still hold out hope? Even for those who have been missing for months, even years? 
Because to us it’s not just a person. It’s a son, a daughter, a best friend, a partner or a relative. These are real people with real families and friends who are concerned, terrified and want nothing more than for the person who is missing to come home.
We believe that there are many people out there who have the ability to be found, and if there’s anything we can do to help, even if it’s a weekly post or two, then we’ll do it.
But it’s not just up to us. It’s also up to you. You can get involved in bring family members home.
Sharing a post might do more than you could imagine.
Maybe it’s our posts, maybe it’s the Federal Police’s posts, or maybe it’s one of the many missing persons pages out there.

Let’s do all we can to help bring people home, because together we can do so much.