You might have already guessed this, but Investigations are a huge part of what we do. And we pride ourselves on the diligent work we do, and the discreet nature in which it’s performed.

However, not a lot of people understand what actually occurs on an investigation. Unfortunately we can’t divulge all the details of an investigation, because that wouldn’t be very private now would it!? But we are going to speak about the importance of locative Investigations. There are many reasons why someone might need to be located, some are for legal purposes, others are for personal.

The first reason is to locate a missing person. Now before we go any further, if someone in your world has gone missing, we need to make it clear that the Police MUST be your first point of call. However, if they become a long term missing person, we can always assist in this.

We want to help bring your loved ones home, and want to reunite you with your family. 

The second reason is for legal reasons. Maybe the defendant or the respondent in your matter to go before the courts has “done a runner”? Is there a witness who could give evidence for you? These are all people that we can assist you in locating for court proceedings.
Perhaps you need to serve someone who is hiding from the law. We receive many phone calls and enquirers about process serving, but with the added addition of ‘but I don’t know where they are’. This is a pretty common occurrence, which means that our team is equipped and ready to locate those who are needed in court. 

The third and final reason is for a personal reason. Have you ever wondered where your best mate from high school was and wasn’t sure how to find them? Have you ever wondered where your long lost family member is now? 

These are all great questions, and great reasons to want to locate someone. We love reuniting family members and long lost friends with each other, and have done it more often than you think. It might be something to consider if you’ve always wanted to know where an old friend is now.

Investigations are more than just trench coats and dark alley ways. They’re not like what the movies portray. But they can help, and can bring you closure, justice and even reunite you with family and friends.

If you’re considering a locative investigation, for any of these reasons or more, get in contact with us to find out more information. Because we’re always here to help.

Make sure you get in touch with us for a free quote on location services. We do our best to keep costs to a minimum and we are ready to assist you.