For some reason, some people don’t like the word surveillance. Some people believe that it has a connotation to words like stalking or tracking, however, we don’t associate it with those kind words. We associated it with finding out the truth. Surveillance has a bad reputation for some people, which is why we want to change that because one day, you may just need it.

Unfortunately in many circumstances, there is only one way to find out said truth, and that’s through surveillance.
Now some have sought to do their own surveillance, or as we like to call it,  DIY private investigation. However, this can be a potentially risky move, however if done with subtlety (and in the correct manner) it can be done.

But when it comes to uncovering facts and evidence, it can often become a necessity, and a bigger necessity to have it done by a professional team, like at Down Under Investigations.

But WHY is it a necessity? 

The first reason is it uncover the truth. 

Relationships, albeit romantic, friendship or through work, are built on trust and honesty. And we believe that if the truth is hidden, it needs to be brought to the light. 

But if you are suspicious, confront the person and they lie to you. There’s really only one way to uncover the truth, and that’s through surveillance. Maybe we’ll find nothing, maybe we’ll find something. Maybe we’ll fulfill what you always suspected, but at least you will have uncovered the truth, which will bring you a great peace of mind. 

The second reason that business’, families and relationships aren’t built on hypotheticals.

Whatever your situation is, it will get to a point where you can no longer say ‘what if’, and you have start finding and knowing the truth. There’s only so many time you can say ‘it didn’t happen’ without knowing the full truth. You can’t base your life on hypothetical questions and situations, which is why surveillance can help. 

The third and final reason is that – just like relationships – legal systems can’t be based on hypotheticals. Surveillance is often used to provide evidence for court, and the court needs cold hard facts. They can’t provide justice on ‘what if’ situations.
A judge and jury need to know the truth, and surveillance often provides that, which then leads to justice being served.

Surveillance could be the difference between a fair and an unfair trial. It could be he difference between a good working relationship or a poor one. It could be the difference between and honest marriage or a dishonest one.
Surveillance can be a great necessity, and if it’s something that you need, feel free to contact us to provide these services or to learn more about how we can help you.