With the festive season in our midst, we all want to ensure that our homes, families and businesses remain safe. Particularly if there are periods where you’re away from your business’s property, or away from your home. We all want to make sure that we’re not the victims of a crime over the Christmas period, especially as many will be away from home for the festive season.

However, putting aside the physical side of your business, we also want to ensure that you are safe from a legal standing point, and in many regards and OHS standing point.

To help your business, we’ve collated some practical tips on how to ensure that you continue to create a safe environment for you and your business as you head into the new year.

Don’t Rush Jobs or Contracts

Whether it’s contractual documents, or a job that could potentially be unsafe, don’t rush it. We’ve all heard the infamous words ‘We’ve got to get it done before Christmas’. However, rushes contracts to ensure that you obtain new clients, but making major errors could work against you. When contracts get rushed, you can find yourself making errors. These errors can make leave legally vulnerable, and can make you viable for a range of different lawsuits. You don’t want to be paying potentially thousands of dollars just because you wanted to get something done before December 25th.

Or, from and OHS perspective, performing a job or task in a manner that’s unsafe can result in injuries and/or lawsuits. So, for the safety of your business, your employees and their families. Don’t rush.

Check Your Security Systems

Do you have a security system? Do you have security Cameras? Do your security cameras work? Is your security system in operation? Have any members of your business lost any keys? Do you need to hire security over the periods in which you are away?

These are all incredible vital questions to ask yourself before Christmas. You don’t want to risk vandalism or theft due to the fact that you didn’t ensure that your safety precautions were in place.

Before it’s too late, check all of the above, and ensure that the answer to each of those questions is one that will benefit you and keep your business safe.

Ensure that your Employees are Safe

Many businesses’ hire Christmas casuals (or more staff in general) over the summer months to help with fluctuating amounts of business. With a multitude of new faces coming into your business you need to ensure that all these employees are safe. A simple background check will assist you in gaining this understanding. After all, you want to ensure that whoever joins you over the summer months will care for your business as you have, and is a safe employee.

It’s not called the silly season for no reason, which is why we want to ensure that you don’t have a silly season, but a safe season. Ensure that you keep all of our recommended practices because they could save you and your business from thousands of dollars. However, all in all, we hope that you and your business have a safe holiday period and that you can rest, recover and bounce back into 2020 safely.

From all of the team at DUI, we wish you a Merry Christmas!