Over the years, we’ve had to perform multiple lockouts for real estate agents, property owners and landlords who are being unfairly treated, or aren’t being paid the finances that they’re owed. 

However, sometimes it goes beyond that and properties can often get used and abused by others. This can be due to graffiti, homeless seeking shelter or in some cases previous tenants who are seeking to vandalise or utilise the property they had once leased. You’d be surprised about how many businesses are affected by previous tenants who are seeking to cause some damage. 

If you’re a property owner, albeit a factory, shop front or home owner, you need to ensure that it’s safe. But how do you do this?
The first step is through a tenant lockout.
This occurs if a tenant is not living up to their part of the (financial) bargain. If the tenant misses multiple payments, you can (after seeking legal counsel) in some cases perform a tenant lockout. We’ve done this in the past in safe manners to ensure that no one is hurt or injured in any capacity. 

It’s a serious thing, but if part of you business as a real estate agent, property developer or landlord is based on the income you receive from your tenants, then you’re often better off performing a lockout to ensure that you get the finances you deserve. 

However, if you’ve already performed a lockout, or your property is currently not being leased and is being subjected to past tenants or current vandalises, then perhaps it’s time to use our surveillance services. This is also particularly important for those who are trying to sell their property. The reason being that you don’t want your property being devalued, nor do you want to spend more money trying to fix what’s been vandalised. As a business, if vandalism occurs, you should always ensure that your first point of call is the police. However, if it becomes an ongoing occurrence, we can assist. We regularly perform surveillance for businesses and are discreet in all that we do. 

The reason being is that we can assist in providing proof of what is occurring to your property. This can aid in seeking legal advice, as well as through ensuring you find exactly what is happening, and who is doing it so you can take the appropriate actions.

Surveillance and property lockouts go hand in hand as both are constantly fighting to ensure you have a safe business. If your property has been damaged or vandalised and you’d like assistance, we’re here to help. For all your surveillance and tenant lockouts, we can also assist.