A Law Firms best friend.

In the 2007 film “Michael Clayton”, a character played by George Clooney describes himself as “the janitor”.

He plays the role of a Private Investigator, who partners with a law firm. His roles include finding missing people, locating vital information and giving advice where required to lawyers. The reason he was nicknamed “the janitor” was he embraced the opportunity to clean up mess.

At Down Under Investigations, we see ourselves as your ‘janitor’.

Whilst providing Process Serving and Private Investigation, one thing we specialise in is cleaning up mess. We operate in a professional manner, with a determination and focus to get the result your client needs. We strive to clean up messy files, whether they be caused by missing information, an evasive defendant or a dishonest opponent. We are all about solving problems and finding solutions.

Whether the mess is fresh or goes back years and years, you can count on us.

With over 25 years working with law firms and lawyers, we have a vast experience and knowledge to draw from.

Need a ‘janitor’ for your law firm? You’ve found us.