Surveillance, perhaps without you even knowing, is conducted within the workplace more than you think. In the past we’ve conducted surveillance for workers and employees for a varying range of reasons. Some have been due to unfair treatment such as workplace bullying, harassment or sexual harassment. Often employees have found it hard to speak out about their trials and tribulations due to fear of termination, and have required proof of their accusations. And in the past, we’ve been able to help a lot of employees in their struggle.

However, today we want to highlight another aspect of workplace surveillance that you may not have previously thought of. That being Occupational Health & Safety. Over the last few years, a multitude of businesses have had to review their OH&S policies to ensure that their work environment is always safe. However, some have not – some have slipped through the cracks. 

Within all of this, employees are afraid to speak up. They’re fearful that they’ll not only be terminated, but that if they are that their financial stability will crumble.
This is an incredibly poor position to put someone in, however, many businesses perform acts like this. 

Often it’s due to employers not providing the correct amount of safety equipment, training or information, but also comes down to the environment that the employer creates and deems ‘safe’.

So, how can employees benefit from surveillance in this particular area? There are two types of employees who can be affected by such environments: Those who have already been affected by an unsafe workplace and those who feel unsafe in their workplace and are potentially about to be affected.

Already Injured/Already Affected Employees

If you’ve already been injured in a workplace that you’ve deemed unsafe, then you have the right to seek financial compensation. After seeking legal advice on the matter, you may need to attain proof of this. This is where surveillance can come in to play. If it’s already happening, it’s likely to happen again and we’re likely to be able to capture it on camera through varying range of methods. 

Often it’s hard to prove how unsafe an environment is, especially if no one sees the injury occur, but if you can prove that the behaviour continues to occur, then you have a chance at winning a legal battle. This is also incredibly important should you desire to return to this place of employment. You shouldn’t have to be fearful of re-injuring yourself, especially when an incident has already occurred. 

Unsafe Employees

If you’re working in an environment that’s unsafe, and your fearful of your environment. You need to act upon it. However, if you’re fearful of termination, seek legal advice, and again through surveillance you can ensure your workplace becomes safe. 

However, not only can we assist through our surveillance and the process of obtaining proof, but in the process of debt recovery. If you’ve been affected by an unsafe workplace and your employer (or former employer) is paying, we can assist in the recovery of this debt.

We take OH&S incredibly seriously, and understand that often proving your side of a case can be difficult. So, if you’re wanting to obtain evidence for a current/past workplace or are wanting to take legal action, or a continually unsafe workplace we can help.