Every business – no matter how large or small – will at some point have a client fail to deliver financially. Now some debt is easily recovered with a quick phone call or email, reminding the customer or client of payments. This is often followed with multiple apologies by the client, making the payment (or return of assets) merely late. However, when payments become either consistently late or don’t occur at all you need to involve a team of professionals like ourselves. Debt is more than just clerical errors, miscommunication and laziness. Often it’s a conscious decision by the client, so that they can save a few dollars. 

However, if a client has already consciously decided to not pay, they’ve probably also decided to cover their tracks and run. 

Certain clients will know going in that they’re not going to pay – and we se say this because we’ve seen it before. If a client doesn’t go in with these intentions but then cannot afford the services you have provided, they’ll dodge your calls/emails for as long as they can to prevent from paying. 

Too many businesses lose money either because clients and customers try to cheat them out of paying or because they don’t have the time, resources or ability to locate debtors. 

Debt recovery and locative services often go hand in hand. There are only so many emails and phone calls you can make before you need to take further action and regain your finances. 

So let’s take a deeper look at debt recovery, locative services and how the combination of both can help your business.

Locative Services. You can’t recover debt from someone if you don’t know where they are. If you’ve been unable to find the person that owes your business money, we can locate them and assist in that side of the process. Don’t waste your time and resources trying to find someone when we can do it for you.

If you someone that owes you money is no longer contactable, there’s always a way in which we can find them. You can’t just ‘win some and lose some’ when it comes to your business. If you were promised finances, you deserve to have them paid. 

Debt Recovery Services. Debt recovery is more than just asking for finances and assets to be retrieved or regained. In certain cases (pardon the pun) lawyers need to get involved, and the correct practices need to be put in place. 

We always recommend that you seek legal counsel where required so as to ensure that you are always on the right side of your decision making. The reason being that you need to make sure you’re in the right before you create any further problems for your business. 

Once you know you’re safe from a legal point, we can recover your debt to ensure that your safety and reputation remains untarnished. 

So, if your business has debtors, then you need to look at ways in which you can recover this debt. Especially if you’re unable to locate or find the person or client that owes you

Every business can benefit from a private investigator; especially when it comes to debt recovery. So if you and your business require debt recovery services or locative services, feel free to contact us to see how we can help.