Dummy Camera’s, we’ve all seen one. Or have we? Can you tell the difference between a dummy and a real thing? For those who don’t know, a Dummy Security Camera is – as it sounds- a fake security camera that wards off potential vandals and thieves. 

They don’t take any footage or audio, but act as a deterrent so that potential thieves and vandals will think twice before acting upon their decisions. 

They’re a nifty tool that can create a safer space for you,  your home and your business. They can work both in and outdoors, have motion sensor with a red activation light and are realistic and easy to install.
BUT. Before you install them, you need to consider a few things.

1. You are now creating a ‘SAFE SPACE’. 

Say someone gets into a fight in front of you business, or and employee has something stolen from their car.
They would then notice that you have a security camera, and ask for that footage.
Some business’ in the past have been sued by their employees, because they were under the impression that they were in a safe surveilled space.
So, before installing anything, ensure that all employees and family members are aware that it is fact a dummy. 

2. It is not a criminal Repellant, but a Deterrent.

Just because you have a security camera, albeit real or fake, does not mean that criminals will not come to your business or home. They do no guarantee that criminals will walk away.

If you’ve ever seen crime stoppers footage, you’ll notice that the security camera didn’t stop the thieve or vandal. They don’t walk up to the counter, ask for money and then realise there’s a camera, so give it all back. But that’s a crime that has been somewhat thought out.
If you have a security camera (real or dummy), it can and will decrease the likelihood of criminals targeting your space.

So, if you’re looking to create a safer space by using a dummy security cameras, make sure you keep these things in mind.
Dummy Security Cameras can assist your overall safety in a big way, so if you’d like to purchase one, head to our online store to get one for yourself.