1- Are you licensed?

A license ensures the Private Investigator is aware of their requirements and legal conditions under the local laws. There are strict guidelines for Private Investigators which are designed to ensure safety to you, the agent and general public. 

If someone is unlicensed it means one or both of two things:-

A– never studied and passed the appropriate course requirements to become a PI.
B– failed the required Police Checks and may have a criminal record preventing them working in this area.
Asking about the license status of your Private Investigator will help weed out the wrong PI and help find you the right PI.

2- Are you insured?

Public Liability Insurance ($50mil) is a must for a Private Investigator. This insurance covers any and all operations you engage the agent to undertake and protects you and them from liability. Many unforeseen things can and do happen to a PI whilst on the job. What if they are injured while employed by you? Who is liable? Asking their insurance status protects you from potential damaging payouts.

3- Are you experienced?

Engaging a Private Investigator who is experienced gives you piece of mind. Agents are confronted with a huge range of situations and scenarios when in the course of their job, so knowing they have the tested ability to handle these situations is a must. 

At Down Under Investigations, we always have a newer Private Investigator work alongside an experienced PI. This gives a great on the job training environment. There is so much wisdom and knowledge a PI can acquire while on a job rather than was previously taught in they training courses. Experience is key. 

4- How much will your services cost?

There are way too many instances in our profession when clients are ripped off by a Private Investigator or there is confusion over pricing. We often have clients come to us who have been burnt by a precious provider.

You want to engage a Private Investigator who will commit to a price in writing, and not then slug you with extra costs and charges after a job is complete. Ensure you know what you are getting and you are getting what you pay for.

5- Have you handled a case specifically like mine before?

An agent with general experience is good, having specific case by case experience is better. Agents handle a diverse range of matters, so engaging an agent who has specific experience in matters such as your will give you great peace of mind. 

It’s the difference between a Doctor (GP) and a specialist. Choose the expert every time for the most detailed and correct result.

6- What is your preferred method of contact?

Most agents spend many hours away from the office and on the road. Often, contact is limited as they are focused on a task or file. Asking preferred method of contact will alleviate frustration as some agents require a text or email, others need phone calls. Whilst a surveillance operation is being undertaken, its often best to only contact the agent if there is immediate and urgent information you need to pass on.

7- When can I expect an update or report?

Some agents take a day to compile reports, others take a week. Some prefer to keep you updated with little pieces of information along the way, others prefer to give you one big batch of information. Asking this question will definitely give you a better picture of how this private investigator operates. 

Finally, there are some really great Private Investigation Firms. Don’t be dismayed by the above questions, but use them as a guide to choose the best provider for you.
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