Maybe you’ve watched a lot of Sherlock Holmes, or have just binge watched Dirk Gently, or just really like spy movies and saw a little bit of yourself in Daniel Craig. 
But if you’ve found yourself saying ‘maybe I could do this myself!?’ in regards to a circumstance or situation you’re currently going through, we’re going to stop you right there. 

Private Investigation is an incredibly serious industry, which is we want to do all we can to protect you by making sure you don’t become a ‘Do It Yourself Private Investigator. Which is why we’re going to give you our top three reasons as to why you shouldn’t make that mistake. 

  1. You need to be qualified.

    Australian Law dictates that all Private Investigators must have a Certificate III in Investigative Services. This also needs to be through a registered Training Organisation, and can take up to 6 months to complete. All of our people have gone through rigorous training to ensure that they go above and beyond the industry standard. This means that they know their stuff, and know what to do in all situations, and they wouldn’t have without their training.

  2. You need to have a licence to legally practice.

    You can’t drive without a drivers licence, you can’t perform surgery without a medical licence, so what makes you think you can perform investigative task without a private investigation licence? As well as that, like both of those fields, you cannot obtain a licence until you have been trained and qualified, meaning that you can’t just go doing your own investigate work, because it is therefore illegal. Our staff are all fully qualified and fully licensed investigators. So not only do they get the job done well, but the get it done legally.

  3. Experience is key.

    There is no amount of TV show’s you can watch that will make you prepared for the actual Private Investigation industry. You can’t just go follow your partner if you suspect they’re cheating. You’re not qualified, you’re not licensed and you’re not experienced enough to do it safely, carefully and subtly.
    Our team is made up of highly experienced, workers, who have been in the field for years. They know what to do in all situations, and know how to react when things go pear shaped. They know the intricacies of the industry and how to deliver the greatest result possible, because of experience.

So, leave it to the professionals, like us. Because although you might think you’re the next Magnum P.I, get the clippers out, shave that moustache, and give us a call instead. 
Surveillance without a proper license is referred to as stalking, and is punishable by huge fines or a term of imprisonment. You could also be hit with an Intervention Order (or “apprehended violence order” in some states). The risks of being caught and charged by police are simply not worth it.

For more information on our services, and to see how we can help, head over to What We Do section of our website. Because we’d love to se how we can help.