What is a Dash Cam? 
You may have been scrolling through Facebook or YouTube and come across certain compilation videos taken from a drivers perspective. These videos are often of fender benders, car and bike accidents or if you’re lucky, just funny videos of people. 
They make us laugh, they make us cringe, and some of them (we highly recommend looking them up by the way) are nuts! You may have also seen them on some TV shows that highlight all of the above. 
However, no matter what you’ve seen or where you’ve seen it, these were all taken with a Dash Cam. Essentially a Dash Cam is a camera that sits on the dashboard of your car, and commences the recording the moment you start driving.

And although they can be funny and create some cringe content, it could be the difference between you getting an insurance claim or losing finances. The best way to prove your innocence in a vehicle accident is through video/audio evidence. These Vehicle Dashboard Cameras are the best way to show exactly what happened and who is liable.

However, you might be asking is this legal? 

The answer is yes.

In Australia, recording on public roadways is allowed as long as the recording does not infringe upon one’s personal privacy in a way that may be deemed inappropriate in a court of law. 
So as long as the content relates to the accident at hand, you can use it. 
They ensure that the truth isn’t distorted, and that all the facts can be proved. 

For example, have a listen to Maryanne’s story:
“When I was accused of running a red light and causing an accident, I was horrified! It was only due to the clear footage this dash cam took that I could prove to police, insurance and the solicitors that I had not broken the law and I had clearly not caused the accident. The matter was settled in my favor with the other drivers insurance repairing my vehicle. Without the dash cam footage, the truth would not have come out.” – Maryanne, 38.

If you’d like to purchase a Dash Cam, head over to our online store to grab one. It could potentially save you from great financial loss.