Here at Down Under Investigations, we often utilise hidden cameras as a tool to uncover what was once hidden, provide evidence, and to bring to light many things that are kept in the dark.

We’ve used hidden cameras over the years for many different reasons and for many different clients. Some were suspected cheating partners, some were to ensure that a hired babysitter or Nanny was looking after the kids. One client we had, let’s call him Sam, needed evidence of how his employer was treating him and his fellow employees. He wore a hidden camera pen on his jacket and attained evidence of what was occurring in their workplace on a daily basis. The pen got high quality images that was later used to lead to a settlement, which greatly assisted Sam and his fellow co-workers.

However, often there are two stigmas over hidden cameras.
The first stigma is that hidden cameras are an invasion of privacy and that you should have the right to know when you are being filmed.
However, for us, it comes down to integrity. More often than not, the people that make this claim, have something to hide.
So, what happens behind closed doors? Is it different to what people perceive of you? Is it the same? Do you have something to hide?

If you lead a life that is good both behind closed and in front of them, what worry do you have if someone’s filming you? In fact, there won’t be any need to film you in the first place!
So, lead a life that is good when people are watching, and when people aren’t, because then you won’t have anything to worry about.

The second stigma is that that using them makes you a person who is invading someone’s privacy. Maybe it’s because of the movies and TV show’s we watch, and the characters that use hidden cameras. But some people find using hidden cameras to be quite a daunting notion.

Many people are worried about what will happen if they actually uncover something. But if it’s going to help you uncover the truth, find evidence or move on from your tribulations, then it will always be a good thing. A hidden camera could save you from a broken relationship, an unfair work environment or from being harmed physically or mentally.

Here at Down Under Investigations, we have a range of hidden cameras that you can purchase. They’re discreet, high quality, and easy to use. If you have any questions, or would like help in any of these matters, feel free to call us on 1300 849 007. We’d love to see how we can help.