In 1963 and 1965, two siblings entered the world. John and Sarah never knew each other although they shared the same mother. Their mother loved them but knew she could not support and raise one child, let alone two. She decided to put both these young lives up for adoption.

John and Sarah were taken in by two different loving families however they never had any further contact with each other.

At a young age, John moved interstate with his family as his new father had found a dream job. John was well cared for, went to a private school, joined the army and travelled to numerous countries. He made many friends around the world throughout his travels. He eventually settled back in Australia, married and started a family of his own.

Meanwhile, Sarah grew up a strong, confident woman. She loved her family and felt secure in who she was. She worked part time while completing university and found her career in law. Commencing as a trainee in a firm, she worked long hours and progressed through the company to a senior management role. After a string of failed relationships in her 20s and early 30s, Sarah married and started a family of her own.

Throughout their lives, both John and Sarah kept a deep desire to one day be united with their mother, and also each other.

John spent thousands of dollars with a Private Investigator looking for his mother and Sarah, however was unsuccessful.

Sarah contacted us in early 2014 in an effort to find her mother and brother. In the law firm where she was working, she had found through dealing with hundreds of family law cases that she felt some missing pieces in her life. She dreamed of one day being re-united. 

Down Under Investigations met with Sarah and she gave us all the information she had. We immediately set about finding John and their mother. After weeks of our agents searching, we found John. When we advised Sarah, she was utterly amazed.

John and Sarah have told us that their reunion was simply amazing. Their similarities are unmistakable and they know that they will now be a part of each others lives forever. 

Down Under Investigations continue looking for their mother and we hope one day, to reunite this family in its entirety.

*Names changed for privacy reasons and stories of John and Sarah used with their permission.