We’ve already looked at the mental signs, so now lets delve into the physical signs and behaviours. 

Before we begin, the purpose of this is not to create paranoia or mistrust in your relationship. We want to help those who may already have suspicions be able to identify the signs and behaviours that could reveal an unfaithful partner. Remember that these signs are not certainties of a cheaters behaviour, but a high number of the following is a big revealer of what could be going on behind closed doors. 

When we discuss the physical signs and behaviours of a potential cheating partner, we look at it in terms of our 5 senses. 

Look, hear, taste, touch and smell. 

1 – Look. 

What do you see that’s changing. Has your partner being making drastic changes to their appearance? Maybe a sudden interest in the gym and fitness? A change in fashion sense and their image? Do you see a sudden obsession with their appearance?New circle of friends that they won’t let you meet? Do you see their routine change with time unaccounted for, like leaving earlier for work or coming home later? Suspicious hiding of their mobile phone or social media accounts?

Taking a few moments to step back and have a good look at your partner can reveal so much. 

2 – Hear 

What do you hear coming from your partner? Has their language changed? Do they confide in you as they always have or do they seem distant? Do they shut down certain topics of conversation? Do their eyes light up when certain friends are mentioned, or do they avoid talking about certain people and places? Do they appear to have long conversations, or streams of text messages with people unknown to you? Do they suddenly argue with you over things that previously didn’t matter?

Listen to what your partner IS saying and also what they are NOT saying. This can reveal so much. 

3 – Taste. 

Taste is about the mouth. Does your partner still kiss you the same? What do they taste like? Has the taste changed? Do you taste sweetness where there used to be none? Maybe you suddenly taste coffee on their lips when they have always hated coffee. Do you taste lip gloss or other substances when you kiss? Have their eating habits changed dramatically? Maybe your partner has a sudden obsession with keeping their teeth cleaned and mouth-washed. 

4 – Touch

Has your partners touch and physicality towards you become dramatically warm or dramatically cold? A cheating partner could behave towards you in either of those two way. They may have a sudden urge to increase bedroom activity with you as a result of guilt and shame. Or, they may get colder and colder towards you as their fires are stoked by someone else. 

Part of the change in physical behaviour and intimacy may come as the partner is introduced to new methods and fantasies by the one they are cheating with. This may bring a sudden change in your experiences with your partner behind closed doors. 

There is a lot that can be identified from the way a partner touches or stops touching you. 

5 – Smell

One of the most common ways a cheating partner is identified is simply by change or addition in their smell. Fragrances, whether pleasant or unpleasant are so hard to hide. Perfumes and after shaves, cosmetics, cigarettes, sweat, food and beverages all leave a smell on a person. When a person gets close to another, there is always an exchange of odour. It stays on skin, hair, clothes, car seats etc. 

Maybe your partner rushes to the shower before saying hello when arriving home? Have they started to do their own washing? Do they come home from being out for hours smelling fresh and clean? Hiding odour can be as much a sign as a new odour carried by your partner. 

So when you look at these five areas, do you feel two or three are not lining up? Is there dramatic change in anything you see, hear, taste, touch or smell?
And just a word of advice, don’t accuse too quickly. Get plenty of evidence first. Be careful who you confide in also, as they may be the one to tip off your cheating partner. 

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