Let’s be real. We’ve all seen enough movies and TV shows to know what a GPS tracker is, and we all know what they do.

They’re small devices that can reveal the exact location of the objects they’re attached to. And sometimes (like in the spy movies you’ve seen them in) they’re sneakily placed on others, or sometimes they’re used to track the bad guys! 

And because of this, often we think to ourselves ‘why would I need something like that in my life? Isn’t it only in the movies?’.

It’s definitely not just for the movies.

Now you may not be trying to locate your arch nemesis who’s taking over the world. And your last name may not be Bond. But GPS trackers can definitely come in handy, especially vehicle trackers, which is what we’ll be talking about today. 

Vehicle trackers trackers are not only magnetic and easy to install, but they’re incredibly useful. 

The first reason why you might need a vehicle tracker is for an unfaithful partner.

Say your partner has suddenly started going for long drives. The drives are at strange hours and are completely out of the ordinary. You can attach one to your or their car subtly and track they’re car movements.

Not only can you track where they’ve been, but you can track where they are. Live. They are often linked to a website or app where you can see they’re movements in real time. This means that if their just popping down to Coles, or going to a random address, you’ll know. 

The second reason is due to car theft.

Whether you own cars, rent cars or have lent yours to a mate, you can never be too careful. 

Did you know that according to Budget Direct, 52,858 cars were stolen in Australia in 2017? 

That’s one car every ten minutes. Not only that, but 1 in 5 were never recovered, and 53% of motorcycles were never recovered. Often we think it’ll never happen to us, but with numbers like that, it’s way more likely than your think. 

Imagine how many vehicles and motorcycles could have been recovered if they’d used a GPS tracker? 

You might think that they’re too far fetched or that you can’t afford one. However the statistics are there, and you might not be able to afford not to. However, as we’ve stated before, these should not and cannot be used for stalking. That is illegal, and is not the purpose of GPS trackers. Another thing to keep in mind is that it is legal to put a GPS tracker on your car, but not on other cars that you do not own.

GPS trackers can be purchased from our online store, so make sure you get one soon before it’s too late.