Here at Down Under Investigations, have a big passion for locating missing people. 

In fact it’s more than big.
You may have noticed that every week we highlight a missing person to our followers in the hope that through our social media we can assist people in locating others. But why do we do this? For the likes? For the followers? 

Absolutely not. 

We do it because these people need to be found.
We do it because there are families without loved ones.
Social Media is a great tool in getting awareness, and for us to highlight people that are missing is another platform for people to be recognised, and then hopefully be found. 
The Australian Federal Police have over the past done an exceptional job at locating and searching for missing persons, however, there is more that we can do. 

Which is why, here at Down Under Investigations we want to tell your stories.
There’s only so much that can fit into a missing persons description, which is why we’re opening it up to you. 

Do you, or anyone you know, have a loved one that is a missing person? 

Or do you or anyone you know know of someone who was a missing person but has since been found? 

We want to tell your stories. We want to use our blogs, our podcast and our social media and further assist you in locating your loved ones. Maybe it’ll be more information about the missing person, or how you came to be found. Either way we want to help.
So if you, or anyone you know is interested in this, head to our website and get in contact with us, because we want to help.