Before you hide your Mini DVC, you should probably know what it is…
A Mini DVC is a miniature digital video camera, that can record video, take pictures and has a motion detection as well as a High quality image definition. It’s portable, easy to hold / hide  and comes in a range of colours (blue/red/black). 

They’re one of the best ways to discretely film suspected cheaters, nanny’s and can track potential burglars who enter your house.
But, where are the best places to hide them? Glad you asked!

1. Book shelves.
Book shelves are great hiding place for a hidden camera, as very few people are likely to steal them, nor pay great attention to your reading choices…
2. Open Pantries.
Wanting to see who’s pinching the cookies?? Maybe chuck a camera between some boxes of sultanas. If they’re going for the cookies, they definitely won’t be looking for the sultanas!

3. In Dirty or Clean Laundry.
If they’re cheating, they’re not going to be looking through your dirty jocks.

4. Amongst multiple photo frames. 
If you keep a fair few family photos lying around, place one discreetly amongst them. Most burglars don’t want to see your trip to Hawaii.

5. In the fruit bowl.
A red camera won’t be noticed immediately amongst 8 or so red apples.

6. Indoor Plants and Flowers.
Just don’t forget to take them out before you water them…

7.  Amongst a messy desk.
When surrounded by laptops, chargers, cables and lots of specifically placed paper. A camera, or more so a hidden camera, will look far less conspicuous.

These places are all case dependant, and are merely recommendations and need to be done carefully and MUST be well thought out.
You always need to think about it from the perspective of the person you’re wanting to catch. But, more often than not, we recommend you leave that to the experts. Us.
Either way, we can help. If you’d like to purchase a mini DVC, you can do so from our store. However, if you’d like to use our investigative services, feel free to contact us to see how we can help.